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Wooden hanger factory: More than 360 employees, Daily output reaches about 300,000 hangers, and annual output up to 120 million.
Solar Energy Storage:    
Solar energy storage applies the solar energy air conditioning technology to effectively connect refrigeration and circulation ventilation system, successfully resolving the not-easy-control problems such as the temperature and humidity in the storage management so that products can be constant temperature stored without the disturbance from outside world climate, which is energy-saving and environmental protection to ensure efficiency and timely delivery.        
Professional baking room: 
Betterall is Initially equipped with a professional Italy imported large-scale micro electric control baking room of nearly 200 m3 in volume, to ensure that the production will not be delayed because of weather factors, to ensure that the wood will meet the dry humidity standards, in case of deformation, cracking, mildew, depainting and other undesirable phenomenon caused by moisture, and thus to ensure product quality and customer satisfaction.
Constant temperature workshop:
Betterall has nearly 800 square meters of professional electrostatic constant temperature workshop, 6 lines of the latest electrostatic spraying equipment with double-layered enclosed conveyors cycling and Computer-controlled direct evaporative independent air conditioning system, to serve the function of air flow in the cooling or heating through the rational organization of the process so as to uniform temperature field, save energy, protect environment and reduce air pollution, and fast dry and  high yield rate will make the painting hanger surface more beautiful.

Central vacuuming tower: 

The central vacuuming system is connected to the main vacuuming tower and the workshop suction ports, which will safely and efficiently absorb the harmful gas and dust of production workshop, making the workshop in order and reducing the noise as well.  Advocating "healthy, efficient work" at the same time, a quiet, clean, and hygienic working environment for the employees is also guaranteed.