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More than 450 employees; Production capability ups to 4 million pcs/month.
Dip-coating workshop
"Beautiful" is the quality standards of Dip-coating workshop

In 2012, Betterall has upgraded 4 lines of electrostatic plastic spray, and implemented research and development of plastic pigments, which has increased environmental protection strength and shortened the curing time of coating. Making the product coating adhesive and enhance the surface quality and corrosion resistant level.
Impulse welding workshop:
"Solid" is the rigid requirement of punching welding workshop. 
There are 28 punching welding equipments in Betterall Metal Factory, all of which are operated by the professionally-trained and qualified technical personnel, to guarantee that the products are firmly and neatly welded. All in all, "creating customer satisfaction" comes from the strict control of each procedure.
Assembly workshop:

"Quantity as well as quality control" is the key performance of assembly workshop.