We are an environmental friendly company.To avoid pollution, we strictly choose our raw materials. In order to avoid deforest, we develop our own forest: Sanhe Forest. We use the trees to produce and we plant the trees, which shapes an effective recycle system and then protect our forest resources. Besides the wooden hangers, we also produce PVC coating hangers. We choose the imported PVC material, non-toxic and environmental friendly. About the plastic product, we use the acrylonitrile–butadiene–styrene copolymer (ABS) material, which is non-toxic and environmental friendly

We also adhere to the mission of environmental friendly in our workshop. In order to minimize voice pollution, hand sanding procedure will be applied on some procedure. We try our best to utilize every piece of wood to avoid wastage. We use the solar powered dehumidification storage to    energy saving. We choose those high quality and non-toxic paints.  We always try our best to protect environment, protect our planet and then live in a better world.